the new era of boat ownership

About the Company

seatime idea was born when the founders of Mikko and Jan-Erik visited alternately in each other's sailboats and shared their experiences about hassles of boat maintenance, repair costs and the inconveniences. Both had a boat that was sitting idle far too much at the berth because there was simply not enough time available for sailing from the busy lives and the maintenance also took way too much precious time. We started looking around and noticed that the same case seemed to be applicable in almost every boat in various marinas.
Expensive boats are used for a only few weeks in mid-summer and the rest of the time they sit idle at the dock only collecting expenses and effort from the owners. In addition, the service mentality in the boating industry was considered poor at best and the prices way too expensive. We concluded that there had to be a better way to get what we and most people wanted out of boating but without all the negative hassles and waste of time and money. This is how we developed the Seatime concept which allows everyone to enjoy boating every year when they want - easily, flexibly and affordably.


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Mikko Kauppinen

Mikko Kauppinen family’s is from Rymättylä in Naantali and Mikko grew up sailing and windsurfing in the summer in the Rymättylä waters. As Master of Finance and Business Administration, Mikko has made a career in a number of multi-national companies around the world, mainly in various financial management positions. After ten years living abroad Mikko returned to Finland with his family. One of the factors that influenced the decision to move back to Finland was the opportunity to sail again in the familiar seas. Boating and the sea have always been close to Mikko’s heart. While abroad, Mikko has gained experience over the years sailing for example in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The islander roots in Rymättylä gave the love for sea going. Mikko's grandfather was a sea captain and his father worked at oil tankers as a young man.

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Jan-Erik Rae

Jan-Erik Rae has spent his whole life by the sea, sailing and motor boating, at younger age in the Turku archipelago and later in life in the Helsinki surroundings. Jan-Erik has also sailed in numerous sailing competitions in Finland and abroad. He is an excellent and experienced captain and trained a large number of people as members of the crew. Jan-Erik knows thoroughly the anatomy of yachts and sailing techniques. A few years ago, the hobby became a part-time entrepreneurship with a charter sailing business which provided the foundation to develop a broader service concept with Mikko and led ultimately to the Seatime concept. Jan-Erik’s career, outside of sailing, has always been in corporate structures and M&A, so seatime entrepreneurship combines in a way work and hobby.