the new era of boat ownership

What is seatime boatshare?

seatime boatshare is a form of joint a ownership community with a complete solution for boat, as well as ownership of the management, servicing and maintenance, and even renting your boat out on your behalf. seatime boat share is like a normal timeshare. seatime offers owners as a complete turn-key solution where the only thing owners have to do is arrive at the beginning of their vacation time. seatime boat's shareholders can decide exactly when they want to go boating and choose the weeks that best suit their needs. The boat is in these weeks for the owner use - every year. If the owner does not have time to use the self-owned weeks, seatime can rent it on behalf of the owner, the owner will get a good return on the rent week - completely hassle free.


seatime boatshare is actual shares in a limited liability company (Oy), which owns and manages the boat. Shareholders' rights consist of the use of the boat and participation on the decision regarding upgrades etc. seatime is responsible for the management of the company and boats on behalf of the shareholders. Shareholders can participate in decision-making for their own boat the same way as in a normal mutual real estate company. While shareholders will be able to decide for themselves their own boat upgrades and modernizations, but even then seatime takes care of it on behalf of owners on their mandate.