the new era of boat ownership

Why seatime boatshare?

  • Low investment. The investment needed for your own decent size motorboat or sailboat starts these days to be hundreds of thousands of euros. The annual running cost of motorboats and sailboats in particular, is usually several thousands of euros. Not everyone is willing to put money in such an investment. And on the other hand even if they are, people have many other hobbies and expenditure, which require investments and time, for example, as well as golf, skiing, summer cottage, travel, family reunions, etc.
  • Use when you need to.   Many boaters use their expensive boats only a few weeks a year. The investment is both financially and in time almost extravagant for just a few weeks of use. The capital is tied to the underused boat and expenses run all the time. The annual cost of boats is easily thousands of euros incl. storage fees. The boat maintenance and management can easily take weeks of your personal time in a year.

  • Do not lose your investment.   The value of a boat drops each year, and selling the boat in aftermarket, especially in the thin Finnish market, is often difficult and time-consuming. The boat is also difficult to exchange to something else, and often makes no economic sense.