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Charter Sailing Holidays

Naantali Kultaranta Resort

   seatime Introductory Sailing (Sailing for about 2 hrs)  

Come and explore the Seatime's sailboats. The stunning Hanse yachts are modern and fast boats for the journey. You get to explore how easy it is to sail in a nice modern sailing boat. Spend a nice and relaxing afternoon with your family and/or friends in the sea. We make a summer sailing trip from Kultaranta towards Airisto. You get to enjoy a relaxing and leisured sailing.

Price: €400 per boat (Max 10 people) (Incl. Tax) Optional: Navigator dinner on the boat from €20 per person (Tax Included) - Ask for more!
-The price is valid for limited periods-
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 Afternoon Sailing in Airisto (Sailing for about 2 hrs)

Enjoy your summer and Airisto waves. Spend a nice and stressless afternoon or evening with family, friends, co-workers or clients at sea. From the boat you can see and experience the best of Turku archipelago and its beauty. We make a summer sailing trip from Kultaranta towards Airisto, which is Finland's sailing mecca. You get to enjoy the relaxing and leisured sailing. A great way to forget all your other worries and to take break for a while. Sailing can be easily combined with either lunch before or after dinner in the Gold Beach Resort features in a fantastic restaurant!. Also, before the sailing you can combine around of golf at Kultaranta Resort.

Price: €600 per boat (max 10 people) (10% tax will be added)
Option: Navigator dinner on the boat from €20 per person (tax Included)
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 Half Day Sailing in Airisto (Sailing for about 4 hrs)

Let the warm summer wind carries you away in our new fabulous sailing boats. Take your party, your team or your clients to break away from everyday life by sailing Airisto. We will sail a leisurely tour, where we can stop and offer outdoor activities at the nearby island. During the tour, we can guide you through the secrets of sailing. Or you can just enjoy and take it easy. You can bring your own food on our tours, or we can arrange dinner for the sailors. If the group is large enough to need several boats; we can also arrange a playful regatta between the teams.

Price: €900 per boat (max 10 people) (10% Tax will be added) Option 1: Navigator dinner on the boat from € 20 per person (tax included)
Option 2: Private sauna Vepsä Island
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We can also be customized according to your preference of sailing!

  Evening Sailing to Herrankukkaro (Sailing for about 1.5 hours)

A short sail away from Kultaranta is Herrankukkaro a distinctive meeting and recreational place. We cruise gently from Kultaranta to Airismaa Island where we dock in Herrankukkaro which offers excellent facilities for outdoor activities that you can combine with your charter package for an additional price. For example, you can add the crofters’ yard games and different types of saunas to your event. If you wish you can also stay overnight in Herrankukkaro heritage hotel buildings. For the way back next day, we can arrange transportation with a minibus. Also you can combine a round of golf in Kultaranta Resort before sailing at Kultaranta Resort.

Price: €650 per person (Max 10 people) + Dinner €54 per person (plus tax)  Option 1: The tenant of the yard games for €15 per person + €200 / guide (plus tax)
Option 2: Village Smoke sauna €480 / group or a traditional smoke sauna for €780 (plus tax), including hot water pool and one large sea water swimming pool use.
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  Daysail from Kultaranta to Vaihela (Full day sailing)

This journey takes you all the way around Otava Island from Kultaranta to Vaihela. We head first south to Airisto open waters, turning west round Airismaa and Aaslaluoto islands. Past Aaslaluoto Island we head northwest towards Länsiaukko open water. The trip offers a great opportunity to admire the rugged beauty of the archipelago west of Rymättylä. We continue sailing between the islands towards the island of Velkuanmaa where we will dock in Vaihela which is an archipelago hotel and restaurant that offers an authentic island farm atmosphere and delicacies. From Vaihela transportation for home is best arrange with the minibus. We can design a program according to your wishes, including dinner, wine tasting, sauna, and an overnight stay.

Price: €1200 + transfer back in the minibus (plus tax) Option: Dinner, accommodation, sauna and other offers
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