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Sailing Instructions

Welcome to an exciting sailing trip with seatime! Below we have listed a few of the practical things which will be good take into account for yachting event in your planning and preparation for the trip. Please contact us for further information about the topic and assist the practical arrangements. Best way to reach us is by phone or e-mail.


  1. Departure Ports  

Sailing starts from the Kultaranta Resort Marina in Luonnonmaa, Naantali which is just twenty minutes’ drive from the center of Turku or if so you wish we can also pick you up from another marina in the local area. In Helsinki, we can agree on a desired point of departure in the downtown area. Unless otherwise agreed, the return will be to the same location as departure.

  2. Before you travel   

At the beginning of the trip the captain will present the boat and the planned sailing route and distributes the equipment. In addition, we will go through how to move around on the boat, safety considerations while sailing and docking and the basics of sailing.

  3. Sailing   

When booking the event, it is good to mention briefly to us about the sailing experience of the participants. No previous experience is required, and if necessary, the crew will take care of everything while the guests are just enjoying the scenery and the sun. If you wish, you can actively participate in sailing, and if there is no previous experience, we will be happy to assist by explaining the basics and help you to explore the world of sailing. Active participation certainly gives the best experience of sailing atmosphere and guarantees life-long memories from the journey!

  4. Number of participants   

Boats have been certified for 12 passengers. For active sailing the recommended group size is 6-10 people. For larger groups, we can organize multiple boats. The cruises always have a captain and the necessary crew depending on the number of participants and their sailing experience.

  5. Food and drink   

Good food and the right kind of beverages are an essential part of sailing. Depending on the weather conditions eating while sailing can be arranged at least on a smaller scale but we recommend docking or anchoring for a period of eating, because sailing typically causes eating in slightly awkward positions for enjoying a great meal. We are happy to arrange for you all of your event food and drinks, with our selected cooperation-partners. You can seat about 6-8 people at the dinner table on the boat, and on deck even more. Our cooperation restaurants are happy to receive you as guests as well and the menus can be custom-made for your needs during the booking. We can plan a restaurant visit on route at any stage of your event. We cannot serve alcohol but customers can elect to take their own alcoholic beverages. However, we hope that you follow the recommendation of using cans instead of glass bottles. We are happy to discuss more about the different options best suited for you!

  6. The necessary equipment   

Despite its beauty, the sea in Finland during the summer might often be clearly cooler than on land. Even in midsummer the water temperature rarely rises much above 15 degrees offshore. At sea, the relative temperature depends a lot on the wind and the temperature of the water. So you should pack extra warm layers of clothing, windproof jacket and pants. For footwear, we recommend white soled sneaker type shoes with a sole pattern that is not very rough or hard. If you do not have sailing shoes, indoor sneakers (squash, tennis) work fine in good weather. Moving around on deck or inside is safe and pleasant with proper shoes. Life jackets and all the necessary safety equipment can be found on board. Be sure to pack the basic medicine with you.

  7. Sun   

Regardless of temperature, solar power is much greater at sea than on land due to water reflecting the impact. We recommend polarized sunglasses even on cloudy days. It is also good to bring a hat and/or other headwear, to protect you from the sun and wind. Selection of sun screens and lip balm are also recommended.

  8. Boat features and facilities   

Our boats have three cabins and a spacious salon. The rooms are cozy and in case of bad weather perfectly comfortable for traveling and living indoors as well. The boats have plenty of storage space for clothing and personal items. It’s worth taking into consideration that the space in a boat is smaller than normally in an apartment and moving of both inside and on deck requires a certain amount of caution and alertness.

  9. Safety   

The sea is an element and as such can hold surprises for boaters and the changes in the weather at sea can be very sudden. One of our key principles is to ensure safety for all passengers and crew regardless of the conditions. The most important safety factor at sea is the captain whose responsibility is even to interrupt sailing if the weather conditions constitute a hazard to passengers or crew. Our boats are safe and suitable for offshore conditions. The boats are designed for conditions that are much more demanding than what we normally experience in the archipelago. Therefore, no panic is necessary even if the wind strengthens while sailing. Smooth actioning and calm attitude on the boat doing will do very well. The boats are equipped with life jackets, which are recommended to be used the entire voyage while underway. Smoking is prohibited inside the boat. The use alcohol at sea should be moderated. The captain is responsible for the boat and the passengers as well as for their safety and has the responsibility to interrupt the cruise if safety is compromised due to irresponsible behavior. All of our captains are experienced sailors and they hold the necessary charter boat operator’s certificate issued by Trafi, the competent authority in Finland. Our boats have all the safety and other necessary equipment mandated by the inspection regulation and inspected as per regulation.